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Wall done photography

Pleximount print, in the black floater frame, size 10 x 50 mm. Print size 60 x 50 cm.
  Photography by Bart & Silvia Pogoda

Above all, this solution provides a unique visual sensation, with the exceptional exposure of the photo creating an effect of depth, which gives the impression of looking at it through a window. This state-of-the-art and refined solution is becoming increasingly popular among interior designers and architects. Of all the available options, this option seems the most durable, and ensures the best protection of the photograph. The mounting is easy to clean and resistant to moisture or any other environmental factors, thus being ideal for rooms which are, or can become, damp. Light refraction results in more saturated colors. The plexiglass ultraviolet filtering provides an additional protection for the print. In considering this option, you should consider adding a border. This will increase the exposed view, and can successfully replace the passe-partout, which cannot be applied in this case. If you would like some extra protection for the photograph corners, wewould advise you to use a frame. A frame will add to the esthetic value by creating a sensation of floating. The pleximount is available in two thicknesses: 0,3 cm and 0,6 cm.


Archival photographic C-type prints are made by exposing light onto paper which is then developed and washed using traditional techniques. The process offers the artist the feel and quality of a photographic print with the creativity and consistency that can only be achieved from a digital process.We use Lightjet printers to expose a range of Kodak and Fuji Crystal archive papers.

Depending on the size of the photograph, we use two types of paper:

  1. Print size 100 x 120 Fujicolor
    Crystal Archive DP II
  2. Print size: 120 x 160 Kodak
    Professional Ultra Endura

The new Ultrachrome K3 archival inks and a large range of papers have made inkjet prints an alternative to photographic printing that offers increased flexibility. The eight ink colour set produces very fine tonal graduations and black and white prints use three levels of black ink density. Detail is held in highlights and shadows reveal more detail and produce denser blacks up to a DMax of 2.3.

We use two kinds of paper:

  1. Museo® Silver Rag™
  2. Museo® Portfolio Rag™
Print sizes

Keep in mind that the size we offer is the size of the paper on which the photo is printed, the rest is cut off. However our system calculate the price for the right proportion of the photo you buy, which is fair.

Print sizes:

  1. 40 x 30 cm
  2. 50 x 40 cm
  3. 60 x 50 cm
  4. 70 x 60 cm
  5. 80 x 70 cm
  6. 100 x 80 cm
  7. 120 x 100 cm
  8. 160 x 130 cm

It provides a clear view, lends shape and brilliance to a variety of objects, protects against humidity, withstands extreme pressure and heat, is breakresistant and faithfully reflects the picture in all its color. Face mounting, also known as pleximounting is the same method used in museums for ultimate image preservation with minimal interruption to the visual quality. UV protection, that preserves an excellent light transmittance.

We offer two thicknesses of plexiglass:

  1. 0,3 cm
  2. 0,6 cm
Border (optional)

You can choose to have the photograph printed with, or without a 5 cm border. 


Dibond is a compound material made up of multiple constituent parts. However, Dibond is comprised specifically of two 0,12" aluminum facers thermobonded to a solid polyethylene core. Dibond is lighter than aluminum, yet at the same time is engineered to retain its superior flatness and will not "oil can" or bow like solid aluminum sheet. It is used for mounting fine art prints and in construction of trade show materials. In both cases the high stability at low weight is important for portability and ease of mounting reasons.


Hand made German frames. Floater Frame – design for dibond mounted and plexi mounted pictures. Available in 4 colors: black, dark brown, anthracite, white. Frames are made of aged maple wood and coated with water based and non-toxic varnishes.

Available in one size 10 x 50 mm.