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BY WALL DONE, 22/06/2012

Li Wei is a Chinese artist through and through, educated in the Oriental Arts College in Beijing, Wei studied painting before moving on to his photographic/performative pursuits. Unlike his peers however, Wei’s work does not speak of Mao-era suffering and the desolation of communism. What it does speak of, is the anxiety of the ever-changing face of China and his country’s ever-growing presence in the global economy. Unsettling, comedic and incredibly beautiful, Wei’s work is masterful. Meticulously shot and intricately staged, Wei is leading a new generation of Chinese artists towards an acceptance of the past, and a new engagement with the future.

Li Wei states that these self-portraits are not computer montages and that he works with the help of props such as mirrors, metal wires, scaffolding and acrobatics.

List of works (in order of appearance):

1. Love at the high place 1, 2004, Beijing
2. Balloons 2, 2009, Beijing
3. Live at the high place 8, 2009, Beijing
4. 25 levels of freedom, 2004, Beijing
5. Entrance, 2009, Beijing
6. Boxing, 2009, Beijing
7. 29 levels of freedom, 2003, Beijing
8. Balloons 1, 2009, Beijing
9. Brigut Apex, 2007, Beijing
10. Arrow of love 2009, Beijing

All images © Li Wei 

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