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Wall done photography

Framed print with the white mat (passe partout). Black frame, type 20x28 mm. Print size 60 x 50 cm.
  Photography by Bart & Silvia Pogoda

This is the best solution for valuable photos, thanks to its reversible mounting. Framed mounting is considered a standard practice in archiving; the photos are secure, but can be taken out of the frame and reframed or sold. The frames are specially selected to embellish the photos, and their classic, modern design intensifies their exposure, Experienced craftsmen have selected the frames to enhance the appearance of every photo. Every frame is created individually to match any given photo, these are not ready made frames. Each frame is made of maple wood, the texture of which is slightly visible through the color of the frame. In some cases, the photos can be made even more attractive by the addition of the passe partout. The version without the addition does not touch the glass directly, with a special gap protecting the print, and at the same time, creating visual depth. In most cases the four primary colours are suitable for the photographs. Available in 4 colors: white, black, brown and anthracite.


Archival photographic C-type prints are made by exposing light onto paper which is then developed and washed using traditional techniques. The process offers the artist the feel and quality of a photographic print with the creativity and consistency that can only be achieved from a digital process.We use Lightjet printers to expose a range of Kodak and Fuji Crystal archive papers.

Depending on the size of the photograph, we use two types of paper:

  1. Print size 100 x 120 Fujicolor
    Crystal Archive DP II
  2. Print size: 120 x 160 Kodak
    Professional Ultra Endura

The new Ultrachrome K3 archival inks and a large range of papers have made inkjet prints an alternative to photographic printing that offers increased flexibility. The eight ink colour set produces very fine tonal graduations and black and white prints use three levels of black ink density. Detail is held in highlights and shadows reveal more detail and produce denser blacks up to a DMax of 2.3.

We use two kinds of paper:

  1. Museo® Silver Rag™
  2. Museo® Portfolio Rag™
Print sizes

Keep in mind that the size we offer is the size of the paper on which the photo is printed, the rest is cut off. However our system calculate the price for the right proportion of the photo you buy, which is fair.

Print sizes:

  1. 40 x 30 cm
  2. 50 x 40 cm
  3. 60 x 50 cm
  4. 70 x 60 cm
  5. 80 x 70 cm
  6. 100 x 80 cm
  7. 120 x 100 cm
  8. 160 x 130 cm
Acrylic glass

Poly (methyl methacrylate) is a transparent thermoplastic, often used as a light or shatter-resistant alternative to glass. It is sometimes called acrylic glass.

The thickness of acrylic glass is 0,3 cm.

Border (optional)

You can choose to have the photograph printed with, or without a 5 cm border. The option without the border will have a 1,25 cm margin, which will easily leave enough room for you to frame the photo if you decide to do so.

Passe Partout (White mat)

Passe-partout also described as mat, has neutral PH that does not influence the picture. Mat is not permanently glued to photograph, however it keeps it in the right place and secure it. Visible size of the mat is 7,5 cm.



A foam used as a base to which the photo is glued on, in order to stiffen the photo when passe-partout is not used.


Hand made German frames with 3mm Acrylic Glass. Available in 4 colors: Black, Dark Brown, anthracite, White. Frames are made of aged Maple wood and coated with water based and nontoxic varnishes.

Frames are available in four sizes:

  1. 2,0 x 4,2 cm
  2. 2,8 x 4,2 cm
  3. 2,0 x 2,8 cm
  4. 1,5 x 2,8 cm