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As far back as I can remember I have been surrounded by a visual world. Through being raised in Yorkshire and surrounded by amazing natural and man-made landscapes to being bombarded through the media at all angles - Oh what a wonderful world!
I worked and studied fashion for a while but the older I got the more I became dismayed with the industry. It just wasn’t for me at all.

About five years ago I decided to enrol on a BA photography at Middlesex University and since taking up this amazing art form I have never looked back. It feeds my soul as well as my creativity. It challenges me every day. I am consumed by it.

I finally found a language that I was good at.

As Inzajeano the human I am always thinking – it’s what I do most and I have had people get pretty angry at why I spend so much time in thought. It’s the most important process of my work as I tend not to write a lot about what I do. I’d rather talk about it over a nice coffee with jazz playing in the background.

Another thing I do a lot is go to the gym to keep my mind, body and soul invigorated. I like to try and keep every aspect of myself as balanced as possible as I do feel that it reflects within the work I make.

I unlike many others do not talk a good photograph. I like to think I am able to take one.
The series, ‘Female Boxers’ was initially inspired by a documentary I watch called ‘Ways of seeing’ by John Berger. It was about the way men look at women and how women look at themselves. Truly fascinating and his words resonated through the corridors of my mind for some time. Parallel to this I was working hard in an attempt to photograph female boxers which after many months of solid communication with the relevant parties involved I began shooting.

The relationship with Berger’s documentary and the series was quite apparent and I feel that the series works well as a standalone set without needing much contextualisation.

The main image from the series ‘Female Boxer No3’ was entered in the Taylor Wessing portrait prize 2009/2010 and suddenly it was all over London and the world. This opened many doors for me and has allowed me to keep on creating and exploring that which exists within my mind.



Female Boxer No3, from the series Female Boxers, 2011

Female Boxer No4, from the series Female Boxers, 2011

Special "Collect art, not dust"
Limited Edition of 30
+ 1 artist's proof

30 by 40 cm
Signed and numbered on a label.

Pigment Inkjet Print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag.

€ 50,-


Limited Edition of 10
+ 1 artist's proof

100 by 80 cm
Signed and numbered on a label.

Pigment Inkjet Print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag.

€ 600,-
In this on-going series I choose to examine the female aesthetic and our perceptions of it. Does the camera give us authorisation to seduce someone into giving the photographer what he/she desires? Can it be seen as selfish or as I like to think - a passionate act of metamorphosing the female into an object of desire!

I am continually inspired by John Berger's book, 'Ways of Seeing' in which he explains the way in which we gaze upon the female and where the language of this gaze originates from.

In this series I want you to allow your imaginations to run away with when viewing these portraits. Try to understand these beautiful girls by looking beyond the aesthetic - It can be quite challenging!

Limited Edition of:
50 x 40 cm 40/40
100 x 80 cm 10/10

C-print signed and numbered by artist with certificate of authenticity. Available framed, print only and other finishes.