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BY WALL DONE, 03/09/2012

Judging by the people's outfits, trespassing in front of our window it's easy to say that we're facing inevitable change in climate. And to be honest we're not bothered with it at all. It's emotional and capricious. And joyful at the same time. So is the new work by Dominik Tarabański — Transitions. It's all about changes.

What if you could carry a meadow with you? Grow into the cotton fibres. Get so close so you could become one, but still be yourself. Dilute into it, diffuse, disappear. And become another.
Styling / Scenography and Text
Anna Sikorska
Photographer's Assistant
Bartek Porszke
Angelika Szelag / 8fi
Magda Panasiuk / Specto
About Dominik:
A Lodz National Film School scholarship awardee, currently studying towards a BA in photography at the Department of Cinematography, Dominik Tarabanski has lived and worked in Krakow for the past 10 years.
He has participated in an array of exhibitions nationally and abroad, winning many awards in the field of photography. Dominik was the only Pole invited to present works at the Galerie Huit Open Exhibition in 2011 during the Les Recontres Photography Festival d'Arles in France. Among his notable achievements is also the semifinals stage at the global Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2011 competition (in the Photography category.)
Tarabanski's works are in private collections in Poland, France and USA. His interests and inspirations centre around the modern man, but photography is always the ultimate form of reflection.
All images © Dominik Tarabanski

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