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What is Wall Done?
It is an independent initiative created few years ago by few enthusiasts of photography, design, web and few other things.
Is it possible to meet you real life?
Can I use content from Wall Done on my blog?
Our conditions are that you link back to our website, credit the photographer, keep photographer copyrights, mention us in the copy and buy us few drinks when you see us. Please refer to the Terms & conditions and if in doubt, just drop us a line.
What is lightbox and how to use it?
You can collect photographers, which you secretly follow, admire and adore. You may send them to anybody to show your collection, or as a whish list to your interior designer. Generally you can do with it whatever you want.

What are the conditions to work with you as a photographer?
Send us samples of your best work or link to your website for review.

What is the sound of one hand clap?
Whish we know the answer.



What is art for?

Will my print will be signed by artist?
Yes, you will get the certificate of authenticity (have a look at the example) with the artist original signature.

Do you carry out special assignments?
Yes. For more detail contact us directly.

Where do you get these frames?
Germans and their damned precision. Chinese is cheaper but it’s too far away.

Will my print look exactly as it does on my screen?
Who knows? We take great care in presenting and displaying our photographs but not all computer monitors were created alike! Most monitors reflect a small deviation in light or color values but when in doubt we recommend you to view your selection on another screen. Or just buy a new monitor.

Tell me more about finishes of the print.
You will find the answer here or go and play with the customization.  

What forms of payment can you accept?
We work with Paypal, which lets you pay using either a Paypal account or any major credit card.

The proportion of the photo vary from the proportion of sizes you offer.
Keep in mind that the size we offer is the size of the paper on which the photo is printed, the rest is cut off. However our system calculate the price for the exact proportions of the photo you buy.

Wall done photography



What are the typical packing and shipping charges?
We don’t extra charge for packing. Shipping charges change from country to country. Once you place an order and fill in your address the system calculate the shipping charges that apply to you. If your country is not listed, you may contact us, we will  calculate it for you. For more information read Wall Done shipping policy.  

When will my prints arrive?
We need around one week to handle the finishing process. Shipments depends from the area that you live. The fastest will go in EU. The rest of the world may vary form 7-28 days.

How do you protect my prints during shipping?
Small size prints are hand packed inside a reinforced reusable envelope. Medium and large prints are carefully rolled inside reusable cardboard tubes. Framed, dibond, and diasec prints are packed inside a reinforced reusable cardboard envelope and supported with recycled cushioning material.  

Which carriers are you using?
Wall Done has relationship with a number of different carriers for deliveries to Europe and the rest of the world that represent a good mix of value and reliability. Our main carrier company is MailBoxes that is related to UPC.

What if my print is damaged or lost in transit?
From our experience we can tell you that this happens very rarely. However, all of our prints are insured just in case. If you haven’t received your print within two weeks or if it arrived damaged please contact our customer care representative here.

Do you have a return policy?
Unless your prints are damaged in transit, or different then in the order, all sales are considered final. You may find more important information in Terms& Conditions.

Which countries does Wall Done ship to and what are the costs?
Read Wall Done shipping policy .